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Terms & Conditions



1. Website Visitors

This site does not collect information to track individual users. It does not install hidden programmes (spyware) onto visitors' computers and it does not serve pop-up or pop-under advertising.

2. E-mail and contact forms

If you contact me by e-mail, you disclose certain personal information.

This information is only used in communications with you. I never share or sell e-mail addresses or other personal information with third parties.





Images are licensed by the photographer for use according to the terms specified by the client . The fee payable will reflect the particular usage specified at the time of booking; for example, if you have commissioned photography for your company website but decide at a later date that you wish to use the images for an advertising campaign, book etc, please contact the photographer, as a separate fee may be payable. Additional fees are charged at the photographer's discretion and will depend on factors such as how the photographs will be reproduced, at what size, size of print runs etc.


Copyright in all images is the property of the photographer. The photographer respectfully requests that images are not used for purposes outside the original terms as agreed with the client without the photographer's permission.


To ensure the most accurate skin tones, all images are individually colour corrected by the photographer. However, colour accuracy will also be determined by factors such as the age and type of your computer monitor and any subsequent printing processes, both of which are outside the photographer's control.


Work will be undertaken by the photographer in accordance with the information set out by the client in accordance with the client's brief. The photographer will always endeavour to work as closely as possible to the client's brief, but will offer advice on more suitable alternatives if necessary.

If a particular situation or setting does not permit the photographs to be taken exactly as set out in the brief, the photographer will make every effort to obtain the best results under the circumstances and will liaise with the client where possible.

Please be aware that if you have specified a particular style of photography in your brief, e.g. "reportage", this will be interpreted by the photographer according to the information you have provided, and an assessment will be made of the most favourable lighting, background and composition required.


Once your booking has been confirmed, the date and time will be reserved for you. If you do need to cancel, please allow the photographer as much notice as possible. If less than 48 hours' notice of cancellation is given, a cancellation charge may apply.


All feedback is valuable and if you have any comments about your photographs, either negative or positive, please let me know. If you do have a complaint, please contact me in writing within 7 days of receipt of your images.


To promote the work of the photographer it is necessary to maintain a portfolio of images to show to both existing and prospective clients. The photographer reserves the right to use any images for the purposes of promotion, either via their website or printed material, unless these are considered as being of a private or confidential nature.


In  many instances the photographer maintains a keep it simple approach when tendering quotations for commercial assignments. All images are shot in RAW format and are then processed out of camera to achieve the very best image quality and delivered to the client on DVD as high resolution images either as TIFF or JPEG files according to the customer's requirements. There are no additional fees due in respect of image usage etc. Once a commission is completed the customer is free to use the resultant images as they see fit with there being no restrictions placed on their usage.

The photographer is available to under take commercial assignments with quotations being tendered on an hourly, half day and full day basis. All quotations given are inclusive of the images being delivered on DVD in high resolution ready for print. Please be aware that extensive retouching is a chargeable service in addition to the photographic service on offer.

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