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Photographer Nick Vidler

Tonbridge photographer Nick Vidler

Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade ?  'Benjamin Franklin'.

Nick is a Kent based photographer with many years of experience behind the lens.  Primarily I shoot fashion for designers and clothing companies which includes fitness wear and swim wear. There are other sides to my business which includes creating starter portfolios and updates as well as offering a boudoir photographic service for private individuals. I also offer tuition in most aspects of photography as I have a genuine commitment to see others enjoy and make the most of their individual creativity.

Previous experience includes shooting for fashion designers and fashion houses, shop window
displays, brochures and marketing materials, commercial websites, magazines, book covers, catalogues, calendars, agencies and model portfolios etc.

I learned my craft  back in the days of film and made the transition to shooting entirely with digital SLRs in 2000. I am available to shoot commissions for commercial clients as well as private individuals.  I am mobile and available to work out of many photographic studios across the UK. I also have extensive experience of shooting at outdoor locations both in the UK and overseas. I shoot entirely with digital equipment and use studio flash indoors and additional lighting outdoors to achieve a high standard of photography. A Macintosh user for many years I am well versed in image editing / post production and possesses excellent retouching skills.

A picture paints a thousand words.

Whether you are a business trying to promote and sell your products or an individual
wishing to see lasting memories preserved for generations to come, photography is the
perfect medium for capturing the images you want or need.

Nick is based in the UK but available to travel anywhere for assignments.

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Tonbridge photographer Nick Vidler started out on his creative journey as most photographers do shooting purely for pleasure. My passion for photography and the joy I derive from sharing it with others lead me to becoming a professional photographer and turning my love of being creative in to my career.

With a strong desire to see the World and to build up a unique and eye catching portfolio of images I have travelled extensively which has allowed me to participate in photo shoots in several countries around globe as far south as New Zealand and as far north as The Arctic Circle as well as closer to home and the confines of photographic studios. Countries visited include the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Norway and The Arctic Circle, France and Spain.


I am a highly creative individual who is passionate about my photography. As is the case with many notable creatives I have been diagnosed as suffering from bipolar type 1 which means my life has been something of a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. It has been during the most manic phases of my illness that I have been at my most creative.

Don't let my condition put you off of working with me, it's kept in check with medication and despite my illness I am a down to earth, warm hearted, sensitive, sincere and friendly individual with an appreciation for all things beautiful and a genuine enthusiasm for capturing it with the camera. I'm also great fun to work with

I am very grateful for the support and assistance shown towards me by family members and those people who understand my illness and have remained good friends and stuck by me through turbulent times. You know who you are smile

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